Saturday, April 20, 2019

Medan Coffee Culture: Third Wave Coffee

Medan city is the gate of Sumatra Coffee, the hub of Sumatra Coffees from Gayo, Mandheling, Lintong, Sidikalang and more. Medan has it’s own coffee culture, the city where the best Sumatra coffees brewed.

Medan is the best destination for traveler who are looking for Dutch history in Indonesia and also the city where you can find the harmonious of cultural living.

Administravely, Medan is capital North Sumatra province, Indonesia. In the 1800’s this city called as Parij van Sumatra because the city was so beautiful since Dutch built many art Nuevo building in the city. One of them is London Sumatra building at Kesawan square on Ahmad Yani Street.

Before that times, the city also called Tanah Deli since it was the land of Deli tribes and kingdom. One of the historical sites of that fact is the Istana Maimoon and the Al-Mashun mosque.

Since many years ago, Medan city was well-known as the trading city. There were so many traders came to Tanah Deli for trading and palm and tobacco planting.

Tjong A Fie was one of the success trader. He came from Formosa to Tanah Deli and settled down in Medan city. Until now, he was known as one of the founder of Medan city. He left one of the most iconic building called Tjong A Fie mansion at Kesawan Square in the center of the city.

Medan is a multi-ethnics city. In the city people live together from variant tribes, such as Deli, Batak, Java, Karo, Simalungun, Nias, Chinese and also Hindi. Therefore, Medan is very rich by cultures.

Since long time ago, Medan also famous by its culinary. You can find all kind of Indonesian food in the city, such as nasi goreng, gado-gado, pecal lele, Chinese food, and local traditional food like Naniura (gold fish which served with traditional Batak spices), and some foods made from pork served with spicy sauces.

For many tourists come from abroad, Medan is the transit city before they go to some best traveling place in North Sumatra, such as Samosir Island – the island in the center of Lake Toba, Parapat, Tuktuk Peninsula, Tongging hill, Nias Island (for surfing), and many interesting place.

The London Sumatra old and historical building is one the proof of Medan as was Parij van Sumatra

There are so many hotels in Medan, include some international quality standard, such as JW Marriot, Grand Aston, Santika, Grand Swiss-Belhotel, Aryaduta, and some iconic hotel, such as Danau Toba International Hotel, Garuda Plaza Hotel, Tiara Hotel, and many more.

There are also so many flights from and to Medan, for example to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand also Jakarta. You can find taxi easily 24 hours a day and food stall zone that also open 24 hours a day.

Above all, Medan is also called the mecca of Sumatra coffee. Nowadays, there are so many coffee places like cafes, coffee shop brewing Sumatra coffees. Some famous coffee beans from Sumatra are Gayo coffee, Mandheling, Lintong and Sidikalang.

The growth of the coffee places is a good news for businessmen since it’s not difficult to get the world’s famous bean. There are about at least four Starbucks in the city and followed by local coffee shops that apply their own concept.

The city, slow but sure, is now entering into the third wave coffee, the era local people more educated about specialty coffee. Most of cafés brew coffee by espresso machine and some manual brewers without leaving the traditional methods.

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